®         US Patent Nos. 9,753,319; 10,094,111; 10,202,764; 10,233,638

            Canadian Patent No. 2932177 

FuZeWALL® is a patented, certified, fully engineered, unitized and factory glazed, revolutionary notched curtain wall system. Our integrated anchor system accommodates complex geometry in all 3 planes, is easy to install and non-obtrusive. The FuZeWALL® system is less complex to fabricate and install than all other competitive systems, as it is comprised of far fewer components or unnecessary built-in redundancies. Once the embeds are set in place the FuZeWALL® system has only two elements to install, the pre-glazed framing unit and a single piece of floor trim. No loose parts are scattered on job sites to get lost or damaged. And, because our system is fully sealed, floor by floor, interior finishes can be concurrently completed on the floor below the active installation. No more temporary enclosures or water and mold damage to finishes below.

FuZeWALL® Features and Benefits


  • Meets or exceeds project specifications with class leading thermal, structural, air and water performance.

  • Requires no acoustical, firestopping insulation or odor transfer sealant at floor slab interfaces.

  • Needs no layout or pre-setting of independent anchors at mounting locations to floor slabs.

  • Low profile framing members at all conditions means much higher daylight to occupants.

  • Extremely robust member designs can accommodate wide modules and unsupported double spans with no additional internal steel reinforcing or kicker supports at mid-spans.

  • FuZeWALL® supports your LEED goals by using an environmentally friendly, proprietary, reusable metal racking system for delivery to your site. This shipping method allows the complete unload, distribution, and specific placement of units to floors on a high rise building by two crew members in two hours or less.

  • Our metal racking system also eliminates dumpster and cleanup charges for wood crates and packing material. These racks are returned for re-use on your next delivery.

  • The FuZeWALL® system also includes an option for our proprietary, high performance, zero sightline concealed operable vent system.

  • No floor slab notch-outs or grout fill are required for anchors.

  • Accommodates most types of balcony entrance systems, including sliders, french and terrace swing doors.

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System tolerances

System tolerances

System tolerances




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