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One Dalton - Boston, Massachusetts

ANTAMEX creates bespoke, unitized, pre-glazed curtain wall solutions. Each system is specifically designed and engineered to achieve your project's desired aesthetic intent and explicit performance parameters. 
You dream it and we will build it. 

Our systems can accommodate double glazed and triple glazed sealed insulated vision units, single spandrel glazing, as well as a multitude of opaque infill options, including stone veneers, metal panels, phenolic panels, terra-cotta, and much more. All of our systems are pressure equalized, rainscreen walls adaptable to fully or partially capped and four-sided SSG exterior capturing methods. Exterior fins and shading systems are easily incorporated into the system design as are most third-party louvres, vents and door inserts. 

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The Well - Toronto, Ontario

We fully embrace the challenges set forth by a global shift towards an ethical, environmentally sensitive construction culture. We are committed to finding new routes towards meeting higher performance standards while creating less waste and, eventually, achieving carbon neutrality within the curtain wall industry. 


To that end we are continuously investigating new technologies to incorporate into our system offerings, including, but not limited to, using recycled aluminum billet, eco-friendly finish applications, double skin walls, multiple low-e coatings, vacuum insulated glazing, electrochromic switchable glass units, integrated photovoltaic panels, and programmable smart sunshades.

We invite our clients, supply chain and competitors to join us on this journey towards making better decisions towards a greener future.

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Midtown Center, Washington, DC

At ANTAMEX we are vertically integrated and one of the only unitized façade suppliers in North America that design, engineer, manufacture and install the entire project in-house.  Our curtain wall systems are designed and engineered using the latest in BIM and 3-D rendering technology. Our fabrication and assembly facilities incorporate a vital mixture of cutting edge robotics and hands-on craftsmanship.  All of our products are subject to rigorous in house, and 3rd party, quality control procedures and performance testing throughout the production cycle.

Our supply chain is carefully vetted for their reputable commitment to quality standards, ethics, safety culture and a demonstrated history of delivering proactive solutions to the unique and complex demands of our industry.

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