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When a project moves forward on a design assist basis it is understood that the preliminary documentation provided will show the design intent but not necessarily specific detailing or product specifications. Our design assist approach includes an initial, scope specific, analysis of the preliminary project intent followed by practical recommendations, utilizing mutually agreed project performance criteria and relevant industry engineering standards. Our project team will then attend and contribute to regularly scheduled design meetings, with all relevant stakeholders, working towards a collaboratively generated set of construction issue design and specification documents. This process mitigates much of the guesswork inherently evident in the traditional “go to market” tendering approach and all but eliminates change orders and other schedule impacting course of construction eventualities.


Throughout the entire design assist process our primary focus will be to maintain design intent, constructability and adherence to the cost parameters of all elements within our scope of work. 


We don’t view design assist as a phase, it is a project in itself.  Our design team includes project management who's task is to hold project intention, schedule and costs. We are constantly factoring cost efficiencies, quality, milestones, manufacturing & installation logistics. It's more than a design phase, it's setting the project up for success.

Establish Design Basis & Intent

Review Budget & Project Constraints

Create & Propose Base Design

Refine Design Based on Workshop Feedback

Finalize Budget & Costing

Final Scope & Construction Drawings 

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