Antamex Façade Retrofits, strives to bring together the creativity and expertise necessary to facilitate the design and execution of an ever growing slate of complex retrofit projects in key markets throughout North America. 


AFR concentrates solely on removal & replacement of existing glazing, over cladding, reskinning, and total system swap outs for high rise and low rise commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings as well as an added layer of focus on specialty heritage scope.  Antamex has identified a demand in the market to have a specific division that will have a dedicated and focused team. The need to bring older and aging buildings up to modern performance standards, while also addressing architectural improvement options, has created a different set of construction problems and requires a different methodology to execute and deliver effectively.



Some of the key challenges facing any retrofit can be:

  • Heritage building restrictions

  • Maintaining occupancy

  • Access

  • Phasing of construction

  • Public protection

  • Coordination with other trades

  • Older or non existing original drawings

  • Inaccurate drawings

  • Budget development

  • Design development



Replacing the existing glazing, gaskets and seals is often the most cost effective and quickest way to improve your building. However, it may not address all the performance concerns and does not allow for much in the way of aesthetic improvement.


Building can remain occupied.

AFR’s team will endeavor to resolve these challenges by offering the following services:

  • Building Science

    Figuring out how and why your building is underperforming is often the most challenging and critical part to any retrofit project.


    AFR has a team of in-house building science experts ready to investigate, determine root causes, and develop value conscious, yet durable solutions.


    We provide comprehensive reporting, project planning, and designed and installed cladding solutions that achieve your end goal.

  • Design Assist

    The design assist project delivery method allows for reduction in overall project costs and better realization of both the client's and architect's vision.


    Early collaboration with your design team ensures that many budgetary and design element risks can be overcome prior to manpower arriving on site.

    We will work directly through a targeted value engineering process to find solutions that both meet your objectives and your budget restrictions.

  • Project Management

    In retrofit sometimes you are the prime contractor, and sometimes you are a subcontractor. It is the project and scope that will determine this, and both come with their advantages and challenges.


    AFR’s experienced project management team can handle either scenario. It is the job of the PM to be involved in the day to day operation of the project and look after everything from logistics and installation to QC and project finances.  We will work with your team to deliver the project that meets your expectations.




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