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Creating Your Professional Life

Antamex Is a great place to start your professional life. Antamex is always actively searching for our next generation of leaders and always attempts to find the best and the brightest to join our ever-growing team.


Toronto is currently home to 43% of all the cranes in North America and with this influx of buildings, you can be assured that the need for Antamex will around for decades to come.

A People First atmosphere 

Antamex's zero harm policy is beyond just making sure no physical harm comes to our employees. we are committed to the mental and emotional health of all our employees and making sure everyone can maintain a work-life balance.

Mentorship and room to grow 

Antamex is committed to helping each and every one of our employees reaches their goals. Whether you are reaching for the stars or trying to find out how to thrive in your first full-time position we are always there to guide and support you inside and outside of work.

A chance to stamp your name onto your cities skyline

From Hong Kong and London to Toronto and Calgary we are part of the skyline of most major cities. We are proud of the work we do and even more proud of the cities we help to define. Come see what it feels like to write your name onto your city.

Competive Benifits package

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Commitment to continuous learning

An environment to grow


What are you waiting for?

Your future is one click away 

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